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Animation Studio 3D and 2D 

Shark Animation was established in 2019 located in Jakarta Indonesia. Shark Animation was founded by Angga Kresna.  We currently have 22 workers ,the focus of Shark animation is to create and develop content / IP that has value so that it can be accepted by people both inside and outside the country.


Our Vision and Mission

Shark animation wants to bring quality content and become the largest animation studio in Indonesia.

 our ip/content

Youtube Channel

BeaBeo Lagu Anak.    | 2.900.000 Subsciber

Kids Star Tv                |  100.000 Subscriber

Om Perlente               |   610.000 Subsciber

Erte                            |  200.000 Subsciber

Dunia Si Etan             |  200.000 Subsciber

 Our Client  
 Special Skills 

Shark animation focuses on working 2D content and 3D animation. Our studio also works on animation serial, TVC, company profile, scoring and dubbing services. supported by a professional and experienced workforce and the production process makes shark one of the competitive

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